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Web Site Mini Update

In this blog post we just wanted to let everyone know about some new things and changes that have happened to the web site.

We wanted to let everyone know of these small changes and additions of the site because, while browsing the site from time to time that you do, you might not notice some of the small things that get changed or when new things get added over time.

So from now on and every few months we will be putting out a small blog post called a “Mini Update” to tell everyone about new
Features, Additions and changes that have been made on the web site over the past few months or so.

Here is a list of the changes and additions in this first Mini Update that happened today.

  • We added a New Page for all of our current and all of our upcoming Youtube Videos, which you can see above in the Navigation Bar. You can get to it quickly by just Clicking Here, and we also at the same time had to put Our Social Links button under the TMFD Video’s button in the navigation bar.
  • Secondly, we added a new set of Banners to our Downloads Page. The new banners are not just for personal use but also for people to be able to use the new banners on other web site’s and forums to help promote the clan.
  • Also some new buttons you’ll see in the right side of the home page gives you an easy new way to give us some feedback about the web site, or if members need to give there feedback, and just a general feedback page for anyone to give the clan feedback on just about anything.
  • Another thing is that all of our Leaders and Members profile pages have gotten a little bit of a new look. Mostly with the Social Links and the Contact Me links, we added small social buttons next to the links to spice up all of the profile pages a bit, among some small other tweaks to the profiles them selves.
  • In addition to the updated profile pages we have had many new members join the clan recently that you might not know yet so go to our Members List and check them out. Also some new and current members now have TMFD Site Profile Pages like. One of our Leaders Tiebirious, and other members like Lunchboxtwinkie, Chang1701, and ELITExBOXER93.
  • Last thing is one of our Leaders Forsaken just got a Personal Photo’s Gallery added to his Profile Page so if you care to see them go and check em’ out.
So we hope you all enjoy all the small things that were put out in this Mini Update today. And make sure you come back to the site soon to see more cool new Features, Downloads, Additions and Improvements to the site.

One More Thing: An “Events Page” is coming in the future! With Contests and Giveaways!

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