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Clan Slogan: Fight For Your Life, But Fight For What's Right!

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TMFD is a Social Gaming Clan that is not like any other clan, we're not just your normal clan that have "Clan Competitive Matches" and plays one type of game. We're the type of clan that plays almost any game, most members are skilled in almost any type of game your looking to play. Are members are 18 or older, mature people that you can actually enjoy playing with.

The TMFD Clan is a social clan in every way, we're on all the Social Communicating sites from Facebook, Twitter, YouTube you name it and I bet you we're on it. You can Follow Us from any of the Social Sites listed on the side of this page. We also have loyal members that wear are gear everywhere they go, and enjoy the clan and members that are apart of it.

Coming to the site looking to join the clan?
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