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TMFD Accessories

Here is where you can buy any of our Accessorie Products

Here's where you'll find all our Accessory Products to buy. Currently we have two different Mugs, a Neckless, Keychain, Mouse Pad, and a Drink Coaster.

We'll have New Accessories Coming in the future like Dog Tags, Different Mugs, Mouse Pads & Device Cases.

15% of each items purchased go’s to support for the clan.
We are always running Good Deals and % of orders all the time Check Out the Current Deals

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Our Frosted Mug Saying "Member of TMFD"
(Build Quality is a Real Frosted Glass) - Starting at $19.85 in 10 oz.

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Our Main Clan Neckless With Clan Logo
(Size in 18 inches Long Sterling Silver-Plate) - Priced at $29.95

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Our Original Clan Mouse Pad Based off Oldest Wallpaper
(Size is 9.25" x 7.75") - Priced at $11.60

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Our Basic Mug Saying "Member of TMFD"
(Build Quality is a Real Glass) - Starting at $16.90 in 11 oz.

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Our Main Clan Keychain With Clan Logo
(Size in 2.25 inches) - Priced at $2.95

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Our Main Clan Drink Coaster With Clan Logo
Made of Sandstone with a Cork Pad Backing
(Size is 4.25 inches) - Priced at $19.95