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"Be Like No One Else, Just Be Yourself!"

COD: Elite Clan Operations Info

This post is to get out some info to our Members that play Call of Duty with Elite about Clan Operations. For anyone that did not know, Elite Clan Operations have been going on for a few months now and we’ve been making some good progress on getting the clan leveled up and getting some sweet unlocks like, our Golden Clan Tag & 2 Hours of Double XP for everyone.

But as I did just say, “Good” and not, Great, meaning we have not had as many people being involved in most of the operations that we would like. So If you did not even know that the Clan Ops had started or just did not know when they are, simply login to Elite by Clicking
Here, then Click Here to/or go to the compete page, scroll down to Clan Operations then click on one or the next Operation to see the day and time that it starts. If you need to even set an alert on your cell phone so you know when the next one’s about to start.

Last thing you’ll need to know is that, we really would like the members that are going to participate in the operation to have an “Elite Premium account”. Though it’s Not a requirement At All, Clan Operations only count the scores of the top 6 clan members who are premium Call of Duty: Elite members. Meaning if you're not a premium member your earnings for the operation won’t count to help the clan level up. To find out more info about “Call of Duty: Elite Premium” Click

To all our members that have helped us in Clan Ops and to get leveled up, We Thank You. And any member of our clan that reads this that has not yet participated in Clan Ops Please Help Us to continue to level up and get more awesome Unlocks and Rewards to help You Level up.


Why we have a donation button on our site (Updated)

This is just a small explanation of why we are taking donations on are site.

Just so everyone that comes to our clan site understands why we our asking for donations on our site I wanted to take a minute to tell everyone. The main reason is that the four main leaders and all of our members of the clan are regular people just like everyone else out there, yes some of us do have jobs but still cannot always afford to go out and buy the coolest new game thats out at the time. We all do have families and some of us do even have kids to care for.

So for all the members of the clan and anyone else that reads this if you care to support a cool new Social Clan or for us to be able to play all the newest Games, Map Packs, or other Add-Ons with everyone, Please take a second and just donate Anything you can to help the development of the site and for all of the members of the clan. But mainly to just help fund the development of the clan and its future as a hole, so that we can continue to grow bigger and bigger.