TMFD Site News (Updated: 6/28/2022): Updated our Social Links in the footer. And we updated the rewards page to include info on our new clan ranking system that's also connected with our Discord, and added our own custom bot. Plus New Content has been added to the Members Content Area, 4 New Movie have been added. (As of: 9/9/2022) Gear Store Divisions | TMFD Gaming Clan

Gear Store Divisions

This is where you can buy all the Cool TMFD Swag you want

Welcome To Our TMFD Gear Store, here you can buy are custom made TMFD Gear such as, T-Shirts, Hats, Mugs, Posters, Sticker ect. And here’s where our Members can buy all there Members specific Gear.
Just Click or Tap on one of the Category Pages Below to start shopping now!

15% of each items purchased go’s to support for the clan.
We are always running Good Deals and % off orders all the time Check Out the Current Deals
New Items Have Been Added. As of 8/6/2016

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Stickers & Posters

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