TMFD Site News (Updated: 4/11/2020): We recently improved the Home Pages Sidebar, updated our site chatroom to discord, updated our Movies request form, and updated our Clan Rewards Program, and featured Members pages. Plus New Content has been added to the Members Content Area, 2 New Movies have been added. (As of: 11/25/2020) NEW TMFD Clan Official Logo

TMFD Gaming Clan

"Be Like No One Else, Just Be Yourself!"

NEW TMFD Clan Official Logo

Finally after the clan was founded in 2009 we are proud to be able to announce and show everyone our Official New Clan Logo. This new clan logo was made by our new Graphics Artist: Zachary Raabe (GamerTag: "xNUKENDUKEMx") which is also one of our clan members now.

It's been a long time in the making, trying to find a really good graphics artist to create a new clan logo and some new clan gear going into the future. Possibly New T-shirt Designs, Wallpapers/Posters, stickers etc.

So hope you're all excited and love the new logo as much as we do, and keep checking back on our
Downloads and Gear Page on our site for awesome new designs coming in the future.

And be sure to leave your feedback in the comments section letting us know what you think about it.
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