TMFD Site News (Updated: 1/28/2023): We updated our Gear/Merch pages & with new products. We updated our Members Content Area page with new buttons. And updated our Members Content Area (Music Page) with new playlists & a Collaboration Feature. Plus New Content has been added to the Members Content Area, 3 New Movie have been added. (As of: 6/29/2024) Website Update Version 3.0 Details

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Website Update Version 3.0 Details

With over just a year ago since the last site update V2.0 we wanted to let you all know of the changes within the recent V3.0 Web Site Update. We wanted to give you a detailed list of all the changes on the site because you might not be able to notice many of them.

Even though there's not many new noticeable visual changes within the update, many of the new additions and improvements to the site are behind-the-scenes updates and are still big things even though you can't see them. This website update actually has on every page something changed to it may it be big or small.

To start off I, DMaster the Leader/Admin of the clan have been working on this site update for quite some time now, about a few months if I can remember correctly. In the beginning of working on the update I had some pretty big hopes and dreams about somethings I always wanted to do with the site, for instance.

I really wanted the site to have an official full clan Registration/Login System but came to find out that it is going to be quite complicated, a big hassle and quite expensive to do. So even though I could not create a complete brand-new Registration/Login System from scratch, I found out a way we could, with help from Cous Cous one of our clan Elite Members, to be able to modified our clan Forms for the Registration/Login System. (SOME INFORMATION NOW NOT UP TO DATE)

So, below you’ll see a list of all the big and small additions and changes that have happened to the site over the past few months.

  • The most biggest new feature is the new Sign Up process. (To join the clan, theres a registration page, that also logs you into a database, to get into the clan now, not just a form to fill out like before).
  • You’ll notice the addition of a login box on the side bar of the homepage (Which logs you into your profile within the Forums). And you'll also notice in the side bar, the new social icons to go directly to some of our social site profiles.
  • There's now a Welcome/Landing page before you enter the main site. (This is to create a new elegant in cool looking way to enter our site, and provide a short description About The Clan, and theres quick access to our Social Links.)
  • One of the big changes with this website update is that, we have changed the name of the clan from "The Mutha Fuckin Destroyers" to the new name of "The Mighty Fightin Disciples". With the renaming of the clan, we now have more of a clear view on our Goals and Aspirations for the future of the clan. (You can read all about that on our updated About Us page.)
  • Also with the renaming of the clan we updated the footer on all pages of the site to represent the new name.
  • Another big visual change that you'll notice is, we have new Social Buttons at the top of all pages, and new Share Buttons on the left side of all the pages.
  • The "Leaders/Members List" page has now been changed to "Founders/Members List" and now contains a list of the Leader, Co-Leaders, Founders, and Elite Members.
  • We also added ALL of our social media profile sites to the nav. bar and the social links page, for quick access to interact on our social media profiles.
  • As previously said the About Us page has been updated, and now outlines with detail our Mission, Goals, and What We Represent. On this page is also where you'll find our New Clan Theme Song.

So we hope you all enjoy all the new stuff done in this update. We really appreciate your continued support if you're a current member of the clan. And make sure you come back to the site more frequently to see more Content Added, Additions and Improvements to the site.

BTW: Please do leave us a comment letting us know what you think of the site update.
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