TMFD Site News (Updated: 6/28/2022): Updated our Social Links in the footer. And we updated the rewards page to include info on our new clan ranking system that's also connected with our Discord, and added our own custom bot. Plus New Content has been added to the Members Content Area, 4 New Movie have been added. (As of: 9/9/2022) TMFD is now on the Tapatalk App

TMFD Gaming Clan

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TMFD is now on the Tapatalk App

Our clan site/forum is now accessible on the Tapatalk App! Tapatalk is a free forum app for your mobile device that lets you share photos, send private messages to members, see members profiles and post discussions to our community on-the-go.

Find everything you need to know about what Tapatalk is from there website by Clicking or Tapping

Plus after logging into the app under "TMFD Clan" get "Custom TMFD Clan Notification Announcements" directly on your device about the clan.

Download Tapatalk by Clicking or Tapping
Here to get started. When the apps on your device come back to this blog post and Add TMFD Clan to Tapatalk by Clicking or Tapping Here. (If the link doesn't work, simply search "TMFD" from the Tapatalk Explore tab.)

If you have any problems adding TMFD to the app, E-Mail the Clan Leader by Clicking or Tapping Here. Or if you forgot your site/forum password Click or Tap Here, to reset it.

Hope To See Everyone More Active On The Forums Soon, And Game On!
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