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The process of launching the official site

This blog post explains the process of what it took to make the site and what I went through to get it launched.

A few months back in 2010 I
DMaster started developing the web site. To make the entire site I have used an application for the Mac called “Rapid Weaver” from Real Mac Software. Plus a few plug-ins from other developers and help from some other applications on the mac like “Taco HTML Editor”, “Transmit”, and “ImageWell” ect.

In the beginning of developing the site I started using a pretty cool theme that used
Ajax that I purchased for the site and loved it but sadly the theme started giving me some problems and I was not getting any help from the developer of the theme to fix the problems, so I had to hunt for a new one witch that alone took awhile to do because I wanted to find just the right theme that worked the best for how I wanted the site to look.

So after finding the new theme I immediately started working on the site again and from there on the site really began to come together. Until a few months later I ran into my next and my biggest issue with trying to understand and get the secured pages on the
leaders page to work. I ended up going back and forth in e-mails with the developers of the plug-in I am using for it and after a few weeks I finally got it to work.

Besides a few problems along the way I really did learn some new things about what it takes to develop a web site and had allot of fun while making it to. While it might not look like there is much on the site it still does take awhile to do everything and just doing a small thing can take longer then you would think it does.

Now after reading all that I hope everyone that has been waiting patiently for the official site to launch can understand just a little bit of what I went through to get to where the site is today.

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