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Web App - Something you probably don't know about the site

Well here is something that I bet you did not know about the site. Did you know that you can save the TMFD Clan web site to you’re iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad as an App. Even though TMFD does not yet have an official App in the App Store, you can still save the site to any of your Home Screens or put it in a folder.

All you need to do is, 1. Open the Safari browser, by default is located at the bottom of any Home Screen. 2. Just put “” in the address bar to go to the same site you see on your computer. 3. Tap the button in the middle at the bottom of Safari (The one that has the arrow pointing right) Now tap “Add to Home Screen”. 4. Enter TMFD Clan and then tap Add in the top right corner to add our web site to your Home Screen.

Now you should have a Web App on your Home Screen with the Icon you see above and it saying “TMFD Clan”. So now when ever you want to go to our site you can just tap on the App on your Home Screen and you don’t have to go to Safari everytime and enter the web site name.

So we hope everyone can enjoy going to our site and will use this to visit our site now more often. And to keep up on all that TMFD is doing.

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