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Web Site Update Version 2.0 Details

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Well, with one year sense the launch of the site we wanted to let everyone know about all the New Big changes that have happened in the Version 2.0 site update, and yes we say Big Update because you might not know but every single page on the site has had at least one thing changed on it.

To start off I,
DMaster the admin of the site and one of the leaders of the clan have been working on this Big Update for quite some time now, about sense last Nov. if I can remember correctly. In the beginning of working on the update I just had some hopes and dreams about somethings I always wanted to do with the site, for instance.

I just a few months ago thought I’d never be able to figure out how to make a
Forum to put on the site, but after many times failing to get it working I eventually learned how to make one. I also had a few other ideas for some new pages like our new Events page and remaking our TMFD Gear Store, I did not think I’d ever figure out how to do them but I did as you can see.

So, below you’ll see a list of all the big and small additions and changes that have happened to the site over the past few months.

  • First thing you’ll notice is the updated Navigation Bar at the top, it now has more buttons and looks a bit nicer being a little brighter red.
  • Next you’ll mostly notice the brand new banner slider for promoting stuff and showing everyone new things.
  • In the sidebar on the Home page you’ll notice a new poll to let everyone know what you think of the new update, and there’s new feedback buttons as well.
  • We have added a new site footer on the bottom of every page now to make the site look more official.
  • Our Members List page has been completely re-made to help support an increase in new members being added to the site, and there are now new profile buttons as well.
  • New profile images were made for all of the Leaders on their profile pages showing off their official clan leaders shirts, also new music players were added to each leaders profile and Elite members profiles to add controls to pause their background songs and to be more compatible for mobile devices.
  • Check out all our new social network sites added in the, Media > Social Links > Menu in the nav. bar.
  • You might not know about our new Clan Rewards Program, if not get all the details on the new Clan Rewards page.
  • A bunch of New Movie’s have been added to the “Members Exclusive Content” Movies page.
  • A Brand New Gear Store has been added, previously known as TMFD Gear, now our Gear page has Categories with tons of new products to buy and it’s now much easier to find just what you're looking for.
  • Our New page called Events Calendar in the nav. bar is our new events page for anyone to see all our upcoming giveaways, clan matches, clan meet up’s and a place to see what and when the clan is playing any specific game at the time.
  • Last but definitely not least, the biggest thing is our New Official Clan Forums. Included with fully functional registration, many different posting boards to talk to other clan members about a variety of different things, and your vary own forum profile.
So we hope you all enjoy all the new stuff done in this big update today. And make sure you come back to the site soon to see more cool new Features, Pages, Downloads, Additions and Improvements to the site.

One More Thing: Their Might be an
Official TMFD Clan iPhone and Android App Coming in the future!
I do say “Might Be One” if all go’s well, we’ll be shore to let you all know more detail soon in the future.

BTW: Please do leave us a comment letting us know what you think of the site update.

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