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WhskyBuffalo's Profile

This is where you'll find all you need to know about Jake (WhskyBuffalo)

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Basic Info & Favorite Things

Name: Jake Roberts
Birthday: Oct. 17, 1989
Hometown: Nevada
Favorite Colors: Clear
Favorite Music: Hollywood Undead
Favorite Movie: Ghostbusters
Favorite TV Show: Breaking Bad
Favorite Food: Beans & Rice
Favorite Video Game: World of Warcraft
Favorite Video Game Type: Shooters/RPGs
Favorite Quote: Does anyone taste purple?


Hey I'm Jake aka WhskyBuffalo aka Manbear, I love games, I kick ass with my friends in TMFD. I lived in Phenix, AZ and now I'm living in Nevada. I clean house using Pistol's and a Shotgun and squirt guns. I play WOW (World of Warcraft) most of my time and love playing RPG's and FPS's like COD (Call of Duty). Another thing about me is I used to have a cat named bill.

I also own a PS3 if anyone wants to hit me up on there, one other thing is my FPS gaming style is mostly run and gun. I'm not a fan of sniping or camping. I love the action so my play style allows for high risk but also high reward gaming but when you face six members of TMFD in a match You Will Always Lose!

So Bring It On!.......

BTW: I wasn't wearin any pants in that picture.

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