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DannyMiii's Profile

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Basic Info & Favorite Things

Name: Daniel Massa
Birthday: May 18, 1984
Hometown: Georgia
Favorite Colors: Orange
Favorite Music: Linkin Park, Staind, The Weeknd & Kendrick Lamar
Favorite Movie: Fight Club, American Beauty & Psycho
Favorite TV Show: Friends & Archer
Favorite Food: Puerto Rican
Favorite Video Game: Mystic Quest, Goldeneye, Titanfall & Texas Hold 'Em
Favorite Video Game Type: Strategy
Favorite Quote: "To err is human. To arr is pirate."


Just turned 33 this past May, and have been a de facto leader for many things I've invested my time in. I take my interests, and I try to take a business-like approach to spreading words, inviting others, and maximizing the potential of a group. I plan to do the same here, since this is more than a glorified LFG. This is a community - a place where people can share insights and creations, ask questions, provide recommendations, follow the right path, or lead a pack.

My vision is to add events to the clan calendar that our members may be interested in personally, like DLC drops or local tournaments, or as a collective, such as conventions and eSporting events. There's also clan-wide meet-ups, CoStream announcements, and website updates. We've already got the makings for a great hub, and now it's just a matter of oiling the gears and chugging this puppy along. The opportunity to do amazing things exists here. We have the technology.

I have two kids that I'm raising to be tech-conscious, and a full time job at a hospital, and intend to lead a small group with my church. I take the opportunities I'm given to be a good Christian, husband and father. My other pursuits are my brand of stand-up and improv comedy tied to motivational speaking, a novel, and improving working conditions for myself and my co-workers.

I'll end on this note (it's an excerpt of my reaction from when I accepted the position of Co-Leader): "This generation of gaming is so much more advanced than when I started out. Green pixels playing snake.exe or playing UNO by typing into a text prompt. It evolved into beating Mondo World within Super Mario World, and then graduated to keeping out PS One on all weekend since we couldn't afford memory cards yet. Now, it's pixels and analogs and bandwidth and communication. I love it, and always have."

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