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About Us

Here is where you'll find all about what TMFD Means to what TMFD Represents

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We are TMFD which stands for "The Mighty Fightin Disciples". We are a Social Gaming Clan that is not like any other clan out there, we're not just your normal clan that have "Clan Competitive Matches" all the time and plays one type of game. We are the type of clan that plays any type of game and game type, most members are skilled in almost any type of game you want to play. And are members are all 18 or older, mature people that you can actually enjoy playing with.

Yes we do have clan matches played on primarily COD, held on
Game Battles web site from time to time, but we are mostly the clan for everyone else, for all those times you tried out for a clan and we're turned down or where told you we're not good enough. Then TMFD Clan is the clan for you, all we ask is for you to be a mature adult and be respectful to all other members.

The clan was founded in 2009, TMFD was originally thought up one night while the Founders
Tiebirious, Manbearpig, Forsaken, and DMaster were on playin Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 and while havin fun and makin jokes DMaster decided why don't we just make a clan. All of the Founders get along very well and are very nice people so DMaster thought lets not just be like any other clan out there, lets be like a social clan thats open to anyone 18 or older and that wants to join.

The TMFD Clan is a social clan in every way, we're on
Facebook, Twitter, YouTube you name it and I bet you we're on it. We also have loyal members that wear are gear everywhere they go, and enjoy the clan and members that are apart of it. If you think you'd want to be part of the clan then Click Here to sign up.

- Our Mission & What We Represent -

- Our Mission: Is to spread positivity, happiness, laughter, respectfulness and most important fun times spent playing games Together.

- Our Goal: Is to be a clan that spreads positivity and fun times to those who really need it in the hard times we live.

- We Represent: The type of clan that doesn't always push each other down, but tries to pick each other up and pushes towards victory in the hard times of loosing.

- Our Clan's Motto -

Be Like No One Else, Just Be Yourself.

- TMFD Clan's Theme Song -

- Site Credit -
xNUKENDUKEMx (Zack): Clans Logo Graphics Artist Assistant