TMFD Site News (Updated: 1/28/2023): We updated our Gear/Merch pages & with new products. We updated our Members Content Area page with new buttons. And updated our Members Content Area (Music Page) with new playlists & a Collaboration Feature. Plus New Content has been added to the Members Content Area, 3 New Movie have been added. (As of: 6/29/2024) Website Update Version 3.5 Details With Community Page

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Website Update Version 3.5 Details With Community Page

With just over 3 years since the last site update V3.0 we wanted to let you all know about some of the changes within Today’s V3.5 Web Site Update. We wanted to give you a detailed list of all the changes on the site because you might not be able to notice many of them.

Even though there's not many new noticeable visual changes within the update, many of the new additions and improvements to the site are behind-the-scenes updates and are still big things even though you can't see them. This website update actually has on every page something changed to it may it be big or small.

To start off I, DMaster the Leader/Admin of the clan have been working on this site update for quite some time now, about a few weeks now to be exact. In the beginning of working on this update I had some pretty big hopes and dreams about something I always wanted to do with the site, for instance. I’ve always wanted the site to have an official full clan Registration/Login System kind of like to have our own social networking platform. Now with my discovery of an open source social network platform called HumHub that became a reality.
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The biggest part of this V3.5 website update is the introduction of our TMFD Clan Community Page. Think of it as the clan finally now having our own gaming social network, with full member profiles, and special page is called spaces for discussing things such as games and a general discussions space etc.

- Details about the TMFD Clan Community Page.

The community page is a place for our clan members to go to discuss things about a specific game for those games spaces or just to talk about anything game related in our general discussion space. The community page also finally introduces full user profiles that looks something like a Facebook page. Including the option to upload a profile picture, cover banner image, and enter all of your usual personal profile information such as your interests and ‘about me’ section. The community page also gives us the option to use something called modules, sort of like a website plug-in to let us add even more cooler future additions to the community page.

So if you have it one point considered yourself a TMFD Clan member in the past or are currently interested in joining the clan don't hesitate to go re-sign back up or sign up for your first time now through our community page or just by simply clicking
Sign Up here.
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