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Clan Rewards

Here's where you'll find all the info about our Refer For Rewards Program

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On this page you'll find all the information you need to know on how to become an Elite Member of the clan, and how you can get free stuff just by getting your friends and anyone you can to Join the Clan!

How To Be an Elite Clan Member

To become an Elite Clan Member of TMFD (If Your Already a Member) all you simply need to do is get 5 of your friends or anyone you can find to join the clan. (But Most Importantly Make Sure They Refer You On The Sign Up Page)

How To Get Your FREE Gift Card & T Shirt

To get your FREE GameStop $10 Gift Card all you need to do is get 10 of your friends or anyone you can find to join the clan. To get your FREE TMFD Member T-Shirt get 5 more (A Total of 15) of your friends or anyone you can find to join.

Where & How To Find People To Join

To get people to join all you need to simply do is either ask your friends on your friends list or, find New people on sites like, the Xbox Clan Forums, the MLG GameBattles Forums, the IGN Message Boards, or even any other gaming news site your bound to find people looking to join a clan. You could also ask people on your Facebook or Twitter page. One more bit of help is you can Download a Free Forum Post file that you can just copy & paste on sites to use. (Click Here To Download It)

IMPORTANT INFO: Remember when getting people to join the clan you have to tell them to Refer you on the Sign Up Page. If they don't refer you then theres no other way of keeping track of how many people you got to join the clan and how many referrals you got.

5 Referrals • You gain your TMFD Elite Member Status with Elite Gamercard.

10 ReferralsYour rewarded with a $10 GameStop Digital Gift Card Towards any game of your choice or money towards Microsoft Points.

15 ReferralsYour rewarded with your FREE Complementary TMFD Official Clan T-Shirt. (Valued at $30)

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